Zverev V.P. The Water in the Earth. The Introduction in Doctrine of Subsurface waters.

Zverev V.P.
The Water in the Earth. The Introduction in Doctrine of Subsurface waters. M.: Scientific World. 2009, 252 p.

In the book modern representations about a role of subsurface waters in development of various geological processes and evolution of the Earth in enough accessible form for students and experts of various geological directions are considered. In its basis about evolution of masses of all water forms in the basic covers of the Earth's crust representations are put in the Histories of the Earth and recent Epoch. Is given the quantitative estimation of mass fluxes subsurface waters of the basic global cycles of their circulation. Mechanisms, an orientation and kinetics transformations of matter of rocks are considered at interaction with subsurface waters and peculiarity of migration of chemical elements in subsurface hydrosphere. Scales of participation and peculiarity of regime of subsurface waters in various exogenetic and endogenetic processes are appreciated, switching metamorphism, magmatism and volcanism. The role subsurface waters in the Earth heat balance, hydrothermal activity and mineral products formation is considered. Comparison of distribution of water on the Earth and terrestrial planets has shown, that on the Earth where there are oceans and circulation of subsurface waters, comprising the Earth's crust and The Mantle is realized, last substantially compensates the Earth degasation and dehydrotation, allowing to support volcanism and drift lithosphere plates for all time of its evolution. Influence of modern anthropogenous activity on change mass fluxes and composition of subsurface waters and evolution of geosystems is shown. The book is designed for the broad audience: students, post-graduate students and experts the field of in hydrogeology, engineering geology, geology, tectonics, geophysics, geochemistry, lithology, geoecology and all. Fig. 36, Tabl. 63, Bibliogr. 254.

ISBN 978-5-91522-032-3