Sedimentary waters of the Caspian Depression (masses and fluxes)

Zverev V.P., Kostikova I. A.
Sedimentary waters of the Caspian Depression (masses and fluxes) - M.: Scientific peace, 2008. - 138 p.

Silt. 20, Tab. 23, Bibl. 80.

On an example of the Caspian depression the quantitative estimation of sedimentary waters masses and mass fluxes of recent midland sedimentary basin for the first time is given. It is shown, that for 400 million years of evolution in his limits it was accumulated more than 4*1021 g the free and physically connected waters, which most part <3.3*1021g) it was returned back in development of basin. At the present stage the sedimentary cover of the Caspian depression contains 0.74*1021 g, that almost on the order exceeds masses of water in Caspian Sea. For the first time, on an example of a megadepression of the Caspian sedimentary basin, it is executed a comparative estimation natural sedimentary waters mass fluxes and products mudvolcanics (mineral matter, subsurface waters and gases), with anthropogenous mass fluxes extracted petroleum and gas which has shown, that the quantity characteristic discharge of sedimentary waters (138*1012 g/year) and extraction of hydrocarbons (~60*1012 g/year) in the Caspian basin are within the limits of one order and are close enough, and mass fluxes mudvolcanics products on the order it is less. 

For wide rond of geologists: hydrogeologists, lithologists, geochemists, geoecologists etc.