Subsurface waters of the Earth`s Crust and geological

Zverev V.P.
Subsurface waters of the Earth's Crust and geological processes. Second Edition – M.: Scientific World. 2007 – 256 p.
Moscow 2007

The monograph develops the investigation of all type subsurface waters role in development the principal geological processes: weathering, lithogenesis, metamorphism, magmatism and volcanism. Quantitative estimation of waters masses in the Earth`s Crust of basic covers and subsurface waters massflows of the main global cycles their circulatiion: hydrogeological, lithogenetical, geological and hydrotermal is given. The mechanism, the trend and kinetic of matters rocks change at interaction with subsurface waters and peculiarity magration of chemical elements in subsurface hydrosphere is considered. The influence of subsurface waters anthropogenic change on geological environment is showed.

For wide round of geologist: hydrogeologists, geochemists, lithologists, geophisics, engineering geologists, geoecologists and all.
Fig. 55, Tabl. 65, Bibliogr.: 295.