Editor board:

N.P. Laverov (editor-in-chief), /.T. Aitmatov, A.B. Bakirov, A.M. Fridman, Yu.G. Leonov, V.A. Zeigamik, V.I .Makarov (responsible editor), A.M. Novikov, G.G .Shchelochkov

Reviewers: V.G.Trifonov, Yu.K.Shchukin

By: V.I.Makarov, K. Ye.Abdrakhmatov, I.T. Aitmatov, A.B.Bakirov, V.D.Bragin, A.D.Duchkov, A.M.Fridman, M.D.Imanbaeva, Z.A.Kalmetieva, K.Ch.Kozhogulov, M.G.Leonov, O.M.Lesyk, V.A.Novikov, V.S. Ponomarev, A.K.Rybin, T.M.Sabitova, A.L.Strom, I.A.Torgoev, G.G.Shchelochkov, V.A.Zeigamik, A.V.Zubovich, A.A.Adamova, Yu.G.Aleshin, A.A.Avagimov, N.Kh.Bagmanova, V.Yu.Batalev, E.A.Bataleva, L.M.Bogomolov, A.N.Lobanchenko, R.A.Maksumova,Z.A.Medjitova,

E.L.Mozoleva, A.V. Nikolaev, O.V.Nikolskaja, E.V. Polyachenko, A. V.Ponomarev, A.Ya. Popov I.V.Safronov, G.A.Sobolev, L.S.Sokolova, N.T.Tarasov, N.V.Tarasova, S. Tompson, V.S.Yakovenko, N. G. Yalymov

Deep structure, neotectonics and recent geodynamics of the vast north-western part of Central Asia are considered. The main object is the belt of intraplate (intracontinental) late Cenozoic mountain building of the Tien Shan and adjacent areas. It is the most studied and representative mountain site of such type. The main features of the structure and the history of creation of the continental crust, which became the base mountain ranges, as well as the main characteristics of neotectonic structure and kinematics are represented. The special part of the book is devoted to gravitational, magnetic and heat fields, to results of magnetotelluric sounding and seismotomography, which are the base for conclusions about deep structures of the areas under consideration. There are given different characteristics of manifestations of recent tectonic activity of the Tien Shan (seismicity, faulting, astronomical and topographical evidences, results of more then 10 years large-scale GPS-measurements, variations of contents and regime of underground water, strain state variation etc.). There are considered geodynamic consequences of artificial impact on geological media and questions about reasons, sources and mechanisms of mountain-building deformations of the Earth's crust.

For specialists in neotectonics, seismotectonics, geomorphology, geophysics, recent geodynamics of continents and geodynamic hazards assessment.