Reminiscences about Academician E.M. Sergeev" ( to the 90 th birthday )

V.I. Osipov and V.T. Trofimov, Eds., GEOS, 2004, 228 pp

Authors: A.S.Gerasimova. L.V.Goncharova, D.G.Ziling, V.A.Korolev, N.S.Krasilova, V.M.Kutepov, S.K.Nikolaeva, V.I.Osipov, V.N.Sokolov, and V.T.Trofimov

The collection of reminiscences about academician E.M.Sergeev (1914-1997) is devoted to his 90 th birthday, which was celebrated in March 2004. The book is based on the materials of reports delivered in 1999-2003 at “Sergeevskie chtenia” in Moscow State University . It contains the stories presented by academician Sergeev's colleagues, friends, and pupils telling about different sides of life and creative activity of this remarkable person –the prominent scientist, the excellent teacher, and the outstanding organizer of large-scale research in engineering geology, and the pioneer of geoenvironmental studies in Russia . The book is intended for a wide range of readers, specialists in science history, engineering geology, students, and post-graduates.