ENGEOPRO-2011: International Conference IAEG

Moscow, Russia, September 6-8, 2011

The international conference "Environmental Geosciences and Engineering Survey for Territory Protection and Population Safety" (Engeopro-2011) was held in Moscow, Russia, on September 6-8, 2011. The conference was organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry for Emergencies of the Russian Federation, and the National Union of Russian Surveyors under the aegis of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG) with participation of the Russian national group IAEG and the Scientific Council RAS on the problems in environmental geoscience, engineering geology and hydrogeology.  IAEG Executive and Council meetings, as well as IAEG Commissions gathered on the occasion of this conference. The latter fact emphasized a high scientific level of this event.

The Organizing Committee of the ENGEPRO Conference consisted of prominent scientists, leaders of research and production institutions, officials of the Emercom of Russia, businessmen, etc.  Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences academician Nikolay P. Laverov headed the Organizing Committee. Academician RAS, chairman of the Russian national group IAEG Prof. Victor I. Osipov and Head of the Centre for Strategic Research in Civil Defense at EMERCOM of Russia, Dr. Valerii A. AKIMOV, were Deputy Chairmen of the Organizing Committee.

 President IAEG Prof. Carlos Delgado (Spain), General Secretary Prof. Wu Faquan (China), and other IAEG leaders contributed significantly to the work of International Advisory Committee of the conference.
Topics for discussion at ENGEOPRO-2011 were dealing with natural hazards and risks: their investigation, analysis, monitoring, modeling, prediction, prevention, and management; engineering survey for rational use of territories and providing population safety; engineering protection of territories under the impact of various natural and natural-anthropogenic hazards; and socio-economic aspects of engineering protection.
Over 300 scientists from 28 countries attended the Engeopro-2011 conference. Apart from the Russian attendees, more than 100 participants represented Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The most numerous delegation came from China (33), there were also 9 participants from Italy, 7 – from Turkey, and 4 from Spain.

Among honorable guests at the conference there were: IAEG President Prof. Carlos Delgado (Spain), General Secretary IAEG Prof. Wu Faquan (China); Immediate Past President IAEG Dr. Fred Baynes (Australia), Past Presidents IAEG Prof. Wang Sijing (China), Prof. Paul Marinos (Greece), Prof. Ricardo Oliveira (Portugal); Vice Presidents IAEG Prof. Dr. Atiye Tugrul (Turkey), Prof. Runqiu  Huang (China), Dr. Silvina Andrea Marfil (Argentina), Dr. Rejean Couture (Canada),  Dr. John Stiff (South Africa),  Dr. Ann Williams (New Zealand); IAEG website editor, President of the Italian national group IAEG Dr. Giorgio Lollino, etc.

The work of Engeopro-2011 was subdivided in the following oral sessions: 1. Endogenous geohazards and engineering protection; 2. Exogenous geohazards and engineering protection (with two subsessions); 3. Hydrometeorological geohazards and engineering protection; 4. Hydrogeological geohazards and engineering protection; 5. Soils and rocks as an important factor of territory vulnerability; 6. Regional problems in engineering protection of territories (case study); 7. Socio-economic and ecological aspects of engineering protection.

A total of 90 high-level oral reports (including 7 invited and 8 key-note lectures) were delivered at 2 plenary and 8 sectional meetings. In addition, 58 reports were presented at the poster session. The volume of conference proceedings included 180 full papers (issued on CD) and 286 abstracts (published in print) of participants’ contributions.

The conference provided a venue for discussion and sharing opinions in a wide range of topics on the rational use of territories, engineering survey, and engineering protection of territories and population from various natural hazards.  We hope that this meeting also enabled participants from all over the world to update their pre-existing partnerships and to establish new fruitful scientific contacts.

A technical exhibition and scientific photo exhibition were organized during the conference. We also tried to suggest an interesting socio-cultural program for the Engeopro-2011 participants.
The conference photos are available at the ENGEOPRO website: www.engeopro2011.com.

The Organizing Committee of Engeopro-2011 and the Russian national group IAEG are very grateful to all participants for attending our conference. We hope that you enjoyed your staying in Moscow and we’ll be very happy to welcome you in Russia again.


Vice Chairman of the Engeopro-2011,
Chairman of the Russian national group IAEG,
Victor I. Osipov
Executive Secretary of Engeopro-2011,
Secretary of the Russian national group IAEG, 
Olga N. Eremina