Institute of Environmental Geoscience of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IEG RAS) was organized in 1996 on the basis of the Engineering Geological and Geoenvironmental Scientific Center RAS, Scientific Engineering and Coordinating Seismological Center RAS and the Complex Laboratory of Hydrogeology and Nature Protection Technologies (St. Petersburg). IEG RAS represents the staff of skilled experts in geology, including one full member and one corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 10 Dr. Sci. and 43 Cand. Sci. The institute carries out fundamental and applied research in environmental geosience, engineering geology, hydrogeology, and seismology; and coordinates these studies within the scope of federal, academic, and municipal programs.

Administration of IEG RAS

 OSIPOV Viktor Ivanovich
Director of IEG RAS
Academician of RAS

Victorov Alexei Sergeevich
Dr. Sci. (Geology and Mineralogy)


NIKOLAEV Alexei Vsevolodovich
Director of Seismological Center
Corresponding member of RAS


RUMININ Viacheslav Genievich
Director of St.-Petersburg Division
Dr.Sci. (Geology and Mineralogy)


ABALIKHIN Igor Alexandrovich


RUMIANTZEVA Nadezhda Alexeevna
Executive Secretary
Leading Scientist
Ph.D. (Geology and Mineralogy)


SVALOVA Valentina Borisovna
Head of International Department
Leading Scientist
Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics)


DODONOVA Tatiana Anatolievna
Assistant of Director


KUDINOVA Nina Pavlovna
General Accountant