About E.M.Sergeev

Evgenii Mikhailovich SERGEEV (23.03.1914-23.03.1997) was a Professor, Doctor of Science in Geology, full member of the USSR (after the year 1991 – Russian) Academy of Sciences. He was an outstanding Soviet and Russian scientist in engineering geology, soil and rock engineering, environment protection. Prof. E.M. Sergeev was born in Moscow, and graduated from the Moscow topographical college in 1932. He started his professional carrier as a topographer in the Far East of Russia, where he worked for 3 years. In 1935, he entered the Moscow State University (MSU), the Geological and Soil Science Faculty. Since then, his entire life was closely connected with geological science. In 1940, Evgenii Sergeev graduated with honor from the Moscow State University, and took the position of the assistant professor at the department of soil and rock engineering of MSU. The Second World War interrupted his scientific research. In 1941, from the very first days of Nazi invasion to the USSR, he joined the Soviet army as a volunteer; and fought at the War front lines until 1943. E.M. Sergeev was badly wounded in the Stalingrad battle: he lost his leg. After the hospital, he returned to the Moscow State University in the autumn 1943. In 1944, E.M.Sergeev defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled “The moistening heat of soils”, and in 1954 he presented and defended his Doctoral thesis on the topic “Genesis and Composition of Soils and Rocks as the Basis for Their Classification and Properties Study”. Since 1954 for nearly 35 years Professor Sergeev headed the Department of Soil and Rock Engineering and Engineering Geology at the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University. In the years of his guidance, this department became an undisputable leading center of engineering geology in the entire USSR. E.M. Sergeev was the dean of Geological Faculty of MSU in 1954-1957 and in 1963-1964; and he held the position of Vice Rector of Moscow State University in 1964-1978. In his last years (1989-1997) academician Sergeev was a MSU rector councilor.

The main fields of his professional interests included the soil and rock engineering, regional engineering geology, the environment protection, theory and methodology of engineering geology. He benefited considerably to the development of genetic principles of soil and rock engineering, genetic classification of soils and rocks, to the study of physico-chemical, and physico-mechanical properties of fine soils (sand, loess, clay) as multi-component systems, etc.  Within regional engineering geological studies, he organized and led large-scale field investigations in various regions of the Soviet Union, including the Far East, the Eastern and Western Siberia, the Central Asia, and the European non-chernozemic part of Russia. The results of these works were generalized in an 8-volume fundamental monograph “Engineering Geology of the USSR”, which was awarded with the State Prize in 1982. 

Evgenii M.Sergeev was elected to the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1966 as a Corresponding Member, and in 1979 as a Full Member. He made strong efforts to promoting engineering geology and the environment protection as a new field of natural science within the Academy of Sciences. He was an organizer and the chairperson of the Scientific Council on engineering geology and soil and rock engineering at the USSR Academy of Sciences (1966-1990); he was an organizer and editor-in-chief of the Russian academic journal “Engineering Geology” (1978-1990). On his initiative, Institute of Environmental Geoscience was arranged within the Russian Academy of Sciences (1996).

Apart from profound research, administrative, and organizational activities, Evgenii Mikhailovich Sergeev was a distinguished teacher of students. At the Moscow State University, he delivered lectures in soil and rock engineering for many years; he published above 500 scientific papers including fundamental monographs and textbooks. Under his guidance, more than 75 researchers prepared and defended their PhD dissertations, and 12 scientists defended their Doctoral dissertations.

Prof. Sergeev made a great input to the strengthening and broadening of international scientific relations. He was an Honorable Doctor of Bratislava (1972) and Warsaw (1974) universities, a foreign corresponding member of the Belgian Royal Geological Society (1974), and a council member of the International Association of Universities (1965-1975). Prof. Sergeev was truly one of the organizers and active leaders of IAEG, having occupied the position of a Vice-President for the Eastern Europe (1972-1978) and President IAEG (1978-1982).

Prof. Sergeev was awarded with many governmental prizes and medals, including civil and military awards. He was the laureate of the highest award of IAEG – the Hans Cloos medal.

In 2006, the name of academician Evgenii Mikhailovich Sergeev was awarded to the Institute of Environmental Geoscience RAS.