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Environmental Geoscience journal


Contents of "GEOEKOLOGIYA" No 5, 2008


Geological, geochemical, and hydrogeochemical factors controlling the migration of radioactive groundwater in the region of Lake Karachai (PO Mayak, Chelyabinsk area)
V. I. Velichkin, I. N. Solodov, V. A. Petrov, N. N. Tarasov, and V. I. Myskin

Functioning of Natural and Natural Anthropogenic Systems

Formation of reduction-oxidation zoning in aquifers under the influence of storage sites for solid domestic wastes
I.V. Galitskaya, V. S. Putilina, and T. I. Yuganova

Environment Contamination

Specifics of formation of hydrochemical anomalies in the oil-production region in the Western Siberia north
D.V. Moskovchenko, G.N. Artamonova ,and A.G. Babushkin

Natural and Human-Induced Processes

The study of karst and suffosion collapses using models made of thermoplastic materials
A. V. Anikeev

Seismodynamic investigations in the Eurasian North for the allocation of large engineering structures
Yu. G. Kutinov and T. Ya. Belenovich

Assessing Hazard and Risk of Natural and Human-Induced Processes

Environmental safety indicators
A. P. Belousova

Tsunami risk assessment in seashore areas of the Russian Far East (by the example of Peter the Great Bay coast, the Japan Sea, Primorskii krai and the Kuril Islands)
G. L. Koff A. M. Ivanova, I. V. Chesnokova, and M. A. Kondrat'eva

Research Methods and Techniques

The study of ice complex at the Leno-Amginskii interfluve using the magnetic field parameters
L. G. Neradovskii

The method of determining the degree of natural slope stability and the velocity of displacement along a sloping surface of clay layer with the account of seismic impact
S. R. Meschyan

People of Science

Panteleimon Nikolaevich Panyukov (to the centennial anniversary) 

Book Review

About the monograph "The role of building up type in the Sakhalin Island towns in seismic risk formation and the analysis of Nevel'sk earthquakes consequences on August 18, 2006 and August 2, 2007"
E. A. Rogozhin


The tenth conference in commemoration of E.M. Sergeev. International Year of Planet Earth: problems in environmental geoscience, engineering geology, and hydrogeology
V. I. Osipov and O. N. Eremina